French Prairie Farm Showcase

A regional trade show featuring local growers and producers from the French Prairie area

If you’re a French Prairie grower or producer, a table at this show will:

  • Show your products and tell your story one on one!
  • Let you meet businesses that want to buy local
  • Connect with specialty distributors that sell local products

Meet the farmers, growers and producers that provide the best products from the best soil!

If you’re a retailer, restaurant, caterer or distributor wanting to use local products, then this is:

  • An opportunity to meet the farmers, growers and producers
  • See and learn about the products available from French Prairie
  • Open new sourcing channels through local distribution

A venue for retailers, restaurants, caterers and distributors that want to buy your products

Where and When

  • Thursday, March 15 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.
    Lunch provided: Reservations required—call ahead!
    Location: The Historic Butteville Store
                  10767 Butte Street, Butteville, OR 97002

Register for the 2012 Farm Showcase

2011 French Prairie Farm Showcase Exhibitors


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