Branding Initiative

Friends of French Prairie

French Prairie Brand is a consumer education program sponsored by FOFP to promote:

  • Prosperous agriculture
  • Appropriate land use
  • Local food production
  • Local food consumption
  • French Prairie’s unique role in Oregon history
  • Sustainable Agriculture
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French Prairie Brand Initiative

Benefits for Producers, Retailers, and Consumers

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For Producers

French Prairie Fresh identifies fruit and vegetables grown and/or processed in French

  • Participate in a recognized brand that assures consumers your products are locally produced
  • Achieve increased sales with marketing and publicity in the metro-Portland market
  • Benefit from promotion via web site, media events, press releases, food sampling, festivals, etc.
  • Develop new market opportunities, explore local networking and market resources
  • Show the public that your products come from the historic heartland of Oregon,  and are grown on the best soils
  • Build recognition that you support appropriate land use and agricultural land preservation

For Retailers

French Prairie Grown identifies non-food agricultural products grown and processed in French Prairie

  • Achieve customer confidence by offering high quality locally grown products
  • Build connections with local producers
  • Benefit from in-store sampling, signage & shelf talkers, focused on local products
  • Participate in special local events like food fairs and farm tours
  • Demonstrate to the public that your retail outlet is connected with historic French Prairie and values land use and agricultural preservation
  • Establish customer loyalty among the fastest growing market segment–those looking for high quality local products

For Consumers

French Prairie Organic identifies products grown or produced in French Prairie independently certified organic

  • Knowledge that when you purchase products with the French Prairie Brand, you are supporting local production
  • Opportunity to meet local producers at on-farm events and food festivals
  • Assurance that these locally produced foods are fresh, high quality and high in nutritional content.
  • Recognition that buying local has a positive environmental impact by reducing transportation from distant growing areas
  • Satisfaction that by supporting local agriculture you will help local farming prosper and preserve the historic heartland of Oregon

French Prairie Produced identifies manufactured products who’s principal ingredient is grown in French Prairie

If you are a grower or producer of products from French Prairie, and would like more information about or want to become a subscribing member, download our Subscription & Registrtion form to become a part of this initiative to further prosperous farming and saving agricultural land in French Prairie. Mail to: FOFP, PO Box 403, Donald, OR 97020. Or, complete the information request form.

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Promoting prosperous farming requires work in many areas to develop brand recognition, help local farmers find and develop new markets and connect with new opportunities—as well as preserving farm land. As new and varied demands for land arise, careful management and strong advocacy will be necessary to ensure that important values are observed and strengthened.

Together we can guide development of the French Prairie area. We need your help, and we need your donation—today!