Based on the legal opinion that the recant letter sent by Director Betty Stansbury on August 21, 2019 constituted the “land use decision” on the 2012 Aurora Airport Master Plan, FOFP has filed a LUBA appeal. The letter ostensibly sought to clarify and correct Director Stansbury’s previous statements about the status of the 2012 Aurora Airport Master Plan by denying them and claiming the Master Plan had been adopted.

In contrast to and in conflict with a series of statements during the period of 2012 to 2017 from the Dept. of Aviation that the 2012 Aurora Airport Master Plan had not been “approved” and that it had not been “legally adopted” by the Aviation Board, this new statement attempts to claim that it had been approved and adopted, and constitutes continued efforts to avoid compliance with State land use laws and agency coordination.

Download LUBA Appeal in PDF.