Friends of French Prairie submitted a written letter in opposition to all three build alternatives, accompanied by a petition signed by many members, given that all expansion alternatives do so at the expense of farm land. In part the letter said:

“We are opposed to expansion of the Aurora Airport, because all such expansion occurs at the expense of farm land. The airport was expanded in the ’90s (resulting in the reconfiguration of Kiel Road), which in turn allowed the airport to handle larger aircraft. This attracted not just aircraft owners with larger aircraft, but aviation industry, which in turn led to more traffic, etc. The result of which is the current “safety problem” that has to be resolved with an air traffic control tower. Marion County has abetted this process by approving zone changes that have increased aviation activity, in as much as they see the airport as a tax revenue source and appear not to be concerned that the consequence is loss of farm land. The most recent and egregious example is the rezoning of EFU land allowing Helicopter Transport Corp. to relocate to the southwest corner of the airport will greatly increase helicopter traffic, and removes 30 acres of farm land. While we support improved air traffic safety, and thus the air traffic control tower, we support the No-Build Alternative found in Chapter 5 of the current Aurora Airport Master Plan document. The airport should continue as is, with necessary and required maintenance”

In addition, the Community of Charbonneau submitted a letter of opposition to all build alternatives accompanied by a petition with over 220 signatures.

Download the FOFP letter and petition in PDF