On August 21, 2019, Betty Stansbury, Director of the Dept of Aviation sent a letter to FOFP’s land use attorney in which she “clarified and corrected” all her previous statements about the Aurora Airport Master Plan, now claiming that it had, in fact, been approved and adopted by the Aviation Board in 2012.

Essentially, she and the Department, and by extension the Aviation Board, are now trying to claim that:

  • The Aurora Airport Master Plan was approved by the Aviation Board in 2011 – although no Aviation Board meeting in 2011 had an agenda item to do so, and thus no public notice of this intended action was provided.
  • That the Aurora Airport Master Plan was properly modified and updated, though the Planning Advisory Committee was disbanded, and final versions were not presented to the PAC.
  • That the Aurora Airport Master plan process resulting in the 2012 Master Plan was compliant with public notice and comment requirements, though none occurred

This in spite of her previous statements which confirmed that the 2012 Master Plan, as posted on the ODA web site, was not approved and was never formally adopted by the Aviation Board.

Download letter in PDF.